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Headmistress Message

I am extremely fortunate to head the Primary Section of NCS-GOA , a place I fondly like to call The Children's Place. Backed by a highly efficient and dedicated group of teachers and staff we make each day pleasurable and exciting for our children. Our wide range of activities need no special mention. Our students and parents have been a participant and witness to them over the years. Our high expectations from ourselves and our students make us strive even harder, reach yet higher in all our endeavours. We count our blessings each day and bow our heads in gratitude to the Almighty for giving us the opportunity, by putting us in this position of serving our community and nation through this noble profession. As we face a bunch of eager, happy kids in the school early mornings, we commit ourselves yet again to give our best to our pupils. May they rise and shine!

Seema Ramesh

Headmistress, NCS Goa