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Guidelines for Students

  • Attendance: A minimum of 75% of attendance is required for promotion to the next higher class.
  • Punctuality: All students are to reach the school in time and attend the assembly regularly.
  • Promotion Policy (Common to all NCS): Minimum pass Marks for the students of standard XI and XII is 40% aggregate with 33% in each subject.
  • Personal Belongings: All students are expected to take good care of their books & personal belongings. These should be marked distinctly and indelibly with owner’s name, class and address. The school holds no responsibility for loss of articles, money, clothes, etc. No gold ornaments should be worn in the school.
  • Riding cycles and Driving: All students have to dismount at the gate and wheel their cycles to the parking area. Students riding two wheelers should wear helmet and carry a valid license.
  • Use of English: The school being an English Medium School, all are expected to converse in English in the school. Hindi will be spoken only during the Hindi and Sanskrit periods.
  • School Uniform: Students coming to school during non-working hours should be in school uniform.
  • Mobile Phones: No student should be carrying mobile phones to school. If found in possession, the phone will be confiscated and a fine of Rs.5000 levied.
  • CAAFH: Committee Against All Forms of Harassment is formed in the school. Students may take the help of the committee and contact the Health and Wellness Educator.
  • Code of Conduct: (a) Strict regularity, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech, good conduct, refinement of manners, cleanliness of dress and person are expected from each pupil. (b) Any serious breach of discipline and above all discourtesy and disrespect to members of the school staff in any way is
    The following undesirable behaviour / repeated indiscipline will lead to serious consequences even leading to expulsion, if not corrected:

    1. Damaging school furniture, fixtures / building or things belonging to others,
    2. Writing or drawing anything on the walls / school furniture / library books.
    3. Indulging in uncivilized behaviour or using abusive language.
    4. Bringing costly or undesirable articles to school like CDs, Video Cassettes, Cameras, Cell Phones etc.
    5. Scribbling or writing anything on the school uniform.
    6. Bullying or using any form of physical / emotional violence against a fellow student or any member of the staff.
    7. Bursting crackers or throwing colour on one another within or near the school premises.
    8. Using unfair means during a test / examination.
    9. Indulging in any misbehavior / misdeed directly or online which could be derogatory for the institution or any person.

Disciplinary Measures

The following disciplinary measures can be adopted by the school:

  • Oral warning and counseling; fine
  • Warning
  • Suspension / Expulsion

Guidelines for Parents and Guardians

  • SMS Facility: The school will send notifications to the parents/guardians, to intimate them about various special activities of the school and student’s performance, behavior or such other related matters of the school through verifer to Entab in Almanac.
  • Parent Entry Pass: Every parent will be issued a parent entry pass at the beginning of the academic year. Whenever parents want to visit the school, they are required to carry the same along with them for entry into the school premises. In the case of any parents taking their ward home during school hours, they will be issued a white colored paper slip which may be submitted at the security gate while leaving the premises. "PARENT ENTRY PASS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE CLASS TEACHER AT THE END OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR/ DATE OF LEAVING SCHOOL, WHICHEVER IS EARLIER."
  • Transfer Certificate:

    a) Application for Transfer Certificate is to be made at least one month in advance. Transfer Certificate will be issued only on clearance of all dues.

    b) Duplicate copy of Transfer Certificate will not be issued except for exceptional cases. Production of an FIR or an affidavit will be necessary for issue of duplicate TC and a fee of Rs. 100/- will be charged.

    c) Cancellation of Transfer Certificate will result in a fine of Rs.50/-.

  • Portfolio management (Std I-V): Collection of the work done by the students throughout the year is maintained as a portfolio by the respective class teachers. Parents may ask for the same on Open House days.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is discouraged. Students practising it are liable to face disciplinary action.
  • NCS Bus Facility: School bus facility will be available for transporting the students on the prescribed routes only on payment of monthly charges as per the terms and conditions laid down in the application form, which is available in the school office.
  • Ensure that the diary is carried to the school by your ward on all working days. Please check the diary each day for entries from the school. In addition make effective use of the diary for communicating with the school staff.
  • Check that all relevant text / note books and stationery are carried to school daily.